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Spawns of Insomnia the Movie is a 10 minute production that features interviews of the Spawns artists, clips of their comics, the artists sleeping, and some great musical sequences. We plan to air it on the Bellevue Community College channel 28 (which airs in Kirkland, and Bellevue east of Seattle). Copies on DVD will be made available as well. The movie was filmed and edited by Ron Austin. Assisting with the camera and audio were Caitlin Lustig and Michael Kimmel.

Three exerpts from the movie are posted below. Select the link and a QuickTime version will open in a new window. You will need the QuickTime player to view each clip.


Introduction of some Northwest artists who particpated.

View The Clip (4 mb)

Opening title and narration

View The Clip (2.2 mb)
Late night at the Spawns event.

View The Clip(2.3 mb)



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