Making Noise

Making Noise Movie
In 2010 Louise Amandes and I completed the film Making Noise. It is a short documentary film about Noise Music . This links to a short preview of the movie. Through a variety of video formats, archival film footage, and motion graphics the film demonstrates how the featured musicians use the sounds around us as a form of artistic expression.

The film has played in several film festivals over the last couple of years. I developed the web site in 2010. Louise and I both filmed and edited the movie from 2009-2010. To create a “noisy” effect for the movie we used several formats. We filmed the movie with an HVX 200, HVX 100, and a GL1. The film also utilized super-8mm film that I filmed and we used found footage. We edited the film with AE, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

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