XML and Flash

Describing how to set up an XML file and have it work with Flash Actionscript 3. This was created for the online course Web Multimedia 225 at Bellevue College.

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Creating external code in AS3

An example of a lecture that I developed for the online web multimedia courses at Bellevue College. This was describing how to set up external code in AS3.

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Making Noise

Making Noise Movie
In 2010 Louise Amandes and I completed the film Making Noise. It is a short documentary film about Noise Music . This links to a short preview of the movie. Through a variety of video formats, archival film footage, and motion graphics the film demonstrates how the featured musicians use the sounds around us as a form of artistic expression.

The film has played in several film festivals over the last couple of years. I developed the web site in 2010. Louise and I both filmed and edited the movie from 2009-2010. To create a “noisy” effect for the movie we used several formats. We filmed the movie with an HVX 200, HVX 100, and a GL1. The film also utilized super-8mm film that I filmed and we used found footage. We edited the film with AE, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro.

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American Indian Film Festival Web Site

American Indian Film Festival web design I designed the web site for The American Indian Film Festival. I coded the initial site in 2007 using CSS and xhtml and updated it again in late 2009. The AIFF hosted an annual festival until 2011.

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Washington Toxics Coalition video

This is part of a video that I filmed with Louise Amandes for the Washington Toxics Coalition. It was produced a few years ago by Erika Schreder for a campaign to raise awareness about toxins in the environment and how those toxins affect pregnancy.

The video for this project was created under a very tight timeline and we needed use an SD camera provided to us by the WTC. It was still effective and this information was compiled into an “Earliest Exposures” research project and was presented to the US Senate as well as local Washington State politicians.
Dr. Gray Goes To Washington
Earliest Exposures study

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Actionscript and the Display List

I describe the Flash CS4 (CS5) Display List and working with it using Actionscript. This was for my online WebMM 222 course.

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JQuery slide show

JQuery Slide Show
This links to a slide show that I developed using JQuery and XHTML. I hand coded this project in early 2011.

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It Was a Monday

It Was a Monday from Ron Austin on Vimeo

This is a short movie that I co-created in 1989 at The Evergreen State College. I digitized it recently in Premiere, but the majority of the project is still similar to the original version. It is pretty old but still fun to watch (IMHO).

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Flash detection with HTML

I describe the publish settings in Flash CS4 and demonstrate how to embed Flash to HTML. I also talk about some areas of Flash detection. This video was made in early 2010 just as the iPad/IPhone Flash issues were starting to emerge.

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Museum Kiosk

I developed this animated kiosk for The Museum of Radio and Electricity in Bellingham, WA. This was part of my Master of Education in which I focused on learning with educational technology and digital media.

The kiosk features animation and interaction describing the technology of the vacuum tube and developments of it by Edison. The kiosk was created using Flash, Illustrator, and Actionscript. I co-developed the animation with Jo Claxton. As of spring 2011 the kiosk was still on display.

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